Enhancing Life Safety in Northern California with High-Quality

Enhancing Life Safety in Northern

California with High-Quality

Firestopping, Fireproofing, and Insulation

Firestopping, Fireproofing, and Insulation

Looking for the best partner for your next project?

Who We Are, What We Do

Welcome to Tigre Firestop & Insulation. We are firestopping, fireproofing and insulation subcontractors that was established in 2021. We are located in the Heart of the Bay Area, performing work all around Northern California. No matter what service you need, you can expect us to make your project a safer place by following all UL and Intertek guidelines.



We can seal just about any penetration to ensure that your property is meeting the appropriate fire and thermal ratings. If there’s a fire in any part of a building, the right firestopping solution will help slow the spread of toxic fumes and smoke.


Fireproofing on steel provides an extra layer of protection in the event of a fire for everyone inside the building. Fire rating requirements vary, but at Tigre Firestop and Insulation we do our research and work diligently so you meet them no matter what.


Our proper installation of insulation on projects makes buildings more energy efficient and reduces noise pollution. We’ll match your unique needs with the insulation that’s right for you!

Why Choose Us

We Finish Projects on Time

We understand how crucial your schedule is. When we say we’re going to complete a project at a certain time, we follow through. We can do this not only because of our work ethic but also because of decades of experience.

We Save You Money

Because we finish projects on time, you can keep your projects moving forward without delays. We keep you within the budget.

We Minimize Schedule Delays

Tigre Firestop & Insulation keeps your project moving forward so you can meet your milestones on time and complete the work and meet the goals on schedule.

We Meet All Your Requirements

We pay close attention to all the requirements set forth by building contractors and inspectors. Fire protection regulations are always changing, but our expertise and continuous education can give you confidence in our ability to meet those requirements.

We Do It Once and Do It Right

Our motto at Tigre Firestop & Insulation is do it right the first time. Not only do we leverage our decades of industry experience in every project but we also make it a priority to continue educating ourselves on the rapid changes of the construction industry.

We Pass Inspections the First Time

Nothing throws your schedule off as a contractor more than failing an inspection. Because we do our work right, you can expect to pass your inspection the first time.

About Us

Whether you’re an employee or a customer, we consider you part of our family at Tigre Firestop & Insulation. We treat you with the utmost kindness and respect. Because we’re committed to one another like a family, it makes it easier to hold each other accountable and make sure we are providing consistently high-quality service for all our customers.

Our Vision

Be the Firestop & Fireproofing subcontractor of choice in Northern California because you can count on us to have the knowledge and expertise in the most up to date systems and applications and their requirements. This enables Tigre Firestop & Insulation to pass inspections the first time, minimizing schedule delays which saves time and money for our customers.

Our Mission

Save lives by expertly installing the most up to date systems enabling our customers to stay on schedule and pass inspections.

Our Team

Jorge Valverde Jr.

General Manager

Jorge Clavijo

Business Manager